Untold 2019

Show: Untold 2019
Location: Cluj -Romania
Client: Four Aces
Assignment: Structural & Rigging planning mainstage + supervision on-site

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MG tour 2019

Show: MG tour 2019
Location: Worldwide
Client: Unlimited Productions BV
Assignment: Structural calculation touring LED frames

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NYE Macau 2018/2019

Show: NYE Macau 2018/2019
Location: China
Client: Dutchrigger
Assignment: Design & engineering Centerpiece

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Alibaba 11-11 2018

Show: Alibaba 11-11 2018
Location: China
Client: Dutchrigger
Assignment: Design & engineering Cat Claw

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Resistance Ibiza 2018

Show: Resistance Ibiza 2018
Location: Spain
Client: Unlimited Productions BV
Assignment: Rigging engineering + planning + realization

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VW CC Launch 2018

Show: VW CC Launch 2018
Location: Shanghai China
Client: NeuroTech
Assigment: Structural & Rigging planning + supervision on-site

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MBS - 4D Led structure

Show: MBS - 4D Led structure
Location: Singapore
Client: Leds Control
Assignment: Design & engineering of the support structure

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Ninja Warrior NL

Show: Ninja Warrior NL
Location: Utrecht NL
Client: Eccholine
Assignment: Inspection truss structures

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Show: Meadow
Location: Poland
Client: Relight
Assignment: Design & engineering of the support structure

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Bruce Springsteen Sweden 2016

Show: Bruce Springsteen 2016
Location: Zweden
Client: Starlight AB
Assignment: Structural Calculation Mainstage

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Zwarte Cross 2012

Show: Zwarte Cross 2012
Location: Lichtenvoorde
Client: Interstage BV
Assignment: Rigging + coordination Mainstage

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Concert at Sea 2012

Show: Concert at Sea 2012
Location: Brouwersdam
Client: Interstage BV
Assignment: Rigging + coördinatie Mainstage

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CliniClowns Circus Boemtata

Show: CliniClowns Circus Boemtata
Location: Travelling Production
Client: Unlimited Productions BV
Assignment: Constructive Safety Truss Grid

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Atelier Live Dance Arena

Show: Atelier Live Dance Arena
Location: Cricket Stadium Dubai
Client: Showtech ME
Assignment: Rigging + Coordination Main Stage

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The Amstel Friends 2012

Show: The Amstel Friends 2012
Location: Ahoy Rotterdam
Client: Interstage BV
Assignment: Technical Coordination Moving Catwalk

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About Us

Continuous development and a high level of flexibility are crucial factors in today’s event industry.  Innovations occur in such rapid fashion that a concept developed today must be operational tomorrow and may be outdated the day after. Safety and organisation are key areas in this respect which should be given the highest level of importance at all times.

In this sector, developments are in full swing in all facets.  The technical aspects of light and sound engineering, rigging and stage construction are continuously evolving.  Due to the short time frame in which a production must be realised; the various involved parties and high quality engineering, different islands may arise within one production. This can lead to misunderstandings, time loss and unsafe situations.

This is precisely where the vision and mission of T&E Support come in. Our vision is to create emotions, in order for the audience to experience an overwhelming sense of being swept along by the performance. Our mission is therefore: to act as the spider in the production web, and to make certain that the safety, involvement and understanding regarding anyone is always fully assured in the area of engineering.

Within one production there must be one collective ambition: to deliver an outstanding production, as a result of which the audience is emotionally touched.